FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Khojen.com?

Khojen.com is an Online Portal. Where you can get the information about coaching institutes in Ajmer.

2. We can get information about coaching institutes from anywhere, then why search from khojen.com?

Because khojen.com is different, all the other information providers try to tell someone good with some money, but we do not do that, all the information we have is absolutely accurate and original.

3. Do we have to register for information about coaching institutes in Ajmer?

No, there is no need to do any kind of registration or log in just to get information. But if you want to apply or want to chat with an institute, then registration and login will be required.

4. To apply, what does this mean?

Yes, now if you want to get admission in an institute, then there is no need to go there, you can apply from your home through your mobile and computer, and before that, you can chat with the institute and talk to them.

5. Do we have to pay any charge to chat or apply?

No, you do not have to pay any charge to take and use any service on our website.

6. Ok, we will do chat but why apply through khojen.com, what will be the benefit to us?

Your question is absolutely correct, you will apply through khojen.com because if you apply through khojen services, you will get 2.5% of that fees back as cashback.

7. Well, if we apply from khojen.com will we get cashback?

Yes of course, but for this you have to verify that you have taken admission in that institute and have filled the fees.

8. Verify... how is that?

When you fill the fees by taking admission in the institute, then you have to take a receipt from your institute about how much fees you have filled and it is necessary to have their sign, date and your sign, after that you will have to send that receipt to our whatsapp or email in which your username And the application id also has to be mentioned. Then we will give you cashback by verifying and you can earn money from khojen.com besides cashback.

9. Can we make money from khojen.com?

Yes, you heard right, after registration, you will get a referral link on your dashboard, which you have to share with your friends, relatives, and people on social media and people have to register with your link and You will get 10 rs. for each registration, as many registrations will be from that link.

10. This is very less and everyone gives, so what is new in this?

Wait and listen carefully, as many people register with you, they will become your affiliate and whenever one of them ever takes admission in any coaching institute who will be associated with us, then you will get 2.5% affiliate commission of the fees of each admission. Remember that 2.5% of the entire fees will be given to cashback and you will get 2.5% of the affiliate.

11. Can we withdraw that money?

Yes, when you get above Rs 100 in your wallet, you can take it in your Paytm, bank account and google pay in 72 hours.

12. In addition to all these, can we take any other benefit from khojen.com?

khojen.com has introduced a tool like question hub for you, in which you can ask the question going on in your mind at the same time and you can also answer other questions.

13. Does khojen.com work for students and will produce some new and innovative ideas for us?

Yes, khojen.com has many ideas in which our main objective is to help the students in every way, and we will gradually implement our ideas and present them to you.

14. Will khojen.com take any charge from us in future?

No, as far as the purpose of khojen.com is to give you all services for free, but even if there is any service that cannot be provided for free, we will try our best to get that service for you at least in money.

15. Will khojen.com bring any of its courses?

As far as the online course is concerned, we will try to make it from the teachers of the institutes, but if the need is felt, we will also hire experts and prepare a good course for the students. Because our main objective is to provide maximum facilities to the students, and we will do everything possible to help the students.

16. How will you reach your students?

We feel that you can do this work because if khojen.com is getting ready to help you then you will also have to help us and spread it all over Rajasthan. And that's why we have created a referral system for you.

17. Why all over Rajasthan, it is only for Ajmer isn't it?

Yes, but some of our services are everywhere like services like question hub, online courses and online exam which we are going to bring in future, and it will be started in all areas of Rajasthan after Ajmer.

18. khojen.com could be started in all areas, then why later?

Because, we meet and talk to each institute ourselves, and only after testing them, their data is made available to you at khojen.com. That is why we will take time, but do not worry, it will be available in every area, even in every small area, even if it is a rural area.

19. One more question, who created khojen.com?

khojen.com has been discovered by Mahendra Sangawa and Dayaram Sangawa, its founder is Mahendra Sangawa and co-founder is Dayaram Sangawa. Both of them have made a small effort to materialize their thoughts.

20. When was khojen.com launched?

khojen.com was started on 1st March 2020, and now you can register and share, khojen services are working perfectly.

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